How much will it cost?

We believe that, with our help, most separating couples are able to reach agreement about their children and financial arrangements, at minimum cost.
If your former partner qualifies for Legal Aid and you do not, then the 1-2-1 meeting and the first mediation session will be free of charge for you. If you or your partner are not eligible for Legal Aid then our fees are listed below.


Read what our clients have said about us.

  • "Very simple and much better than dragging everything through the courts. Our mediator was very thorough and very approachable"
    A.C. - Barnstaple

About Our Service

North Devon Family Mediation Service (NDFMS) is no longer in operation.
If you are looking for mediation to help you with issues to do with separation, divorce, child contact issues or finances then please contact Compass Resolution on 01271 320761 or email us at
All calls are in complete confidence and you will be able to speak to a mediator directly about your particular issues.
Compass Resolution offers family mediation at locations in the Barnstaple and North Devon area.
At Compass we believe that with the right help and support most clients can resolve the issues around their separation without the need for expensive and lengthy court battles.
For more information about Family Mediation in the Barnstaple and North Devon area please click here to visit our main website here.